Message from CEO: Philadelphia FIGHT Celebrates 20+ Years of Saving Lives

Philadelphia Fight for Life Gala Honoring Governor Ed Rendell

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

This year, I'm proud to serve for the first time on the host committee for the Philadelphia FIGHT's 2013 FIGHT for Life Gala. On Wednesday, December 4, 2013 we celebrate over 20 years of the FIGHT to save lives and to honor Governor Ed Rendell. I invite you to join me at the Union League and help support FIGHT's important work. 

  • Why is this important? 
  • Not familiar with FIGHT? 
  • Why should you give with all the great causes out there? 
  • Why give NOW?

Good questions! While there are many life-saving and important causes in the city (including many I support), why I signed on is because FIGHT is quietly working behind the scenes, but is in fact the most comprehensive LARGEST HIV/AIDS service organization in our city. It serves ALL Philadelphians, gay, straight, questioning, black, white, latino, homeless, etc. While this is what first got me interested, what sealed the deal my visit to one of their very unique pilot programs, the Youth Health Empowerment Project "Empowerment Center." Homeless youth and young adults can access prevention services and support, take workshops, take showers, have a safe space during the day (and even some night/weekend hours), participate in activities, enjoy two stable and solid meals a day, get tokens, clothes - or simply relax in a safe space away from the rest of the world. I hope to host a free "friend" tour of this amazing space next year! 

The other development that shows how FIGHT serves our community is the announcement of a Spanish-speaking HIV clinic to open on Dec. 11 at the North Philadelphia Prevention Point space. FIGHT is proud to open this new facility that is a first of its kind in the city. This hit the news on Thursday and is a top reason to support and give NOW!  (For more about this, visit G Philly, WHYY Newsworks and Al Dia.) 

2013 Honoree Governor Ed Rendell 

2013 Honoree Governor Ed Rendell 

FIGHT's other services include the AIDS Library, Project TEACH, Critical Path Project, HIV counseling and testing, computer labs and the Jonathan Lax Center. In the spring, I hope to host some friends on a tour of their facilities, including a stop in the Y-HEP Empowerment Center and the AIDS Library. 

While I host many (MANY!) events during the year nearly all of them are free or very inexpensive. FIGHT is one of our hand-picked charities (besides City of Hope) - and this is one of the few times a year we ask you to give and donate out of your own pocket.

Please consider joining us at the event or consider a donation of any size. Auction items are also welcome! 

For tickets, click here, call 215.525.0372 or email If you want to hear more about FIGHT or take a sooner vs. later tour of FIGHT please let me know! 

Thank you for considering, and we hope to eat, drink and BID on great auction items with you on December 4th. Happy Thanksgiving if I don't see you beforehand! 

Best, Kory Aversa
CEO/ Aversa PR & Events