South St. Headhouse's Puyero Venezuelan Flavor Expands Menu With Sweet Corn Cachapas

Puyero Venezuelan Flavor (524 S. 4th Street) is expanding its offerings of Venezuelan street food with the addition of four varieties of cachapas officially starting this week. Cachapas join Puyero's line-up of casual eats that include arepas, patacones, tequenos, yuca, mandacas, churros and chicha. 

Cachapas are a key item in Venezuela's street food and road stands. They are made of ground sweet corn, mixed into a thick batter and cooked like pancakes. A classic way to eat them is with white cheese and nata (latin sour cream). They can also be stuffed with pork, shredded beef or chicken.

"We aim to deliver the full street experience so it was only a matter of time for us to bring the cachapa to the menu," said co-owner Simon Arends.

Simon's brother and co-owner Gil Arends added, "Cachapas and nata mix perfectly! Its a street food classic." 

Puyero will add four varieties to the menu to start, with specials and others to be added down the road. Current varieties include: 

** Clasica
Corn fritter pancake with white cheese, topped with nata

** Jamon y Queso
Corn fritter pancake with white cheese, smoked ham, topped with nata

** Todera
Corn fritter pancake with white cheese, your choice of chicken, shredded beef or pork, topped with nata

** Pernil
Corn fritter pancake with white cheese, pork, tomato lettuce, topped with nata

All of the above are available for $6.50 to $8.50 every day for lunch and dinner daily starting Tuesday, August 22, 2017. For more information about Puyero, visit or call (267) 928-4584.