P’unk Burger Brings The Franklin Fountain To East Passyunk In Three New Holiday Shakes

East Passyunk’s organic burger and shake hot spot announces a new partnership with Old City District’s most famous ice cream parlour. Starting on Thursday, December 8th, P’unk Burger will carry three new holiday milkshakes made with ice cream sourced from The Franklin Fountain.  Customers can celebrate the flavors of the holiday with Gingersnap Eggnog Custard, Cinnamon and non-dairy Peppermint Stick. The three shakes are only the start, as P’unk Burger will regularly source from The Franklin Fountain going forward, and even debut a custom, exclusive East Passyunk-inspired new ice cream and milkshake by late spring. All milkshakes with The Franklin Fountain ice cream are $8.00 each. The three seasonal flavors are also available at P'unk Burger by the scoop as well as for floats with Maine Root natural soda on the fountain. 

“We always wanted to be in South Philadelphia, and we want to thank P’unk Burger for making this happen,” added The Franklin Fountain’s Eric Berley.

The Dilks’ affinity for The Franklin Fountain is not new - and in fact dates back to 2008 where the young couple shot their engagement photos in Old City outside The Franklin Fountain’s market street ice cream parlour. The two were reminded of The Franklin Fountain and the seasonal flavors during a recent family stroll with their children at Christmas Village. Marlo spotted the seasonal flavors at The Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionery wooden huts outside City Hall. The Dilks reached out to The Franklin Fountain and found a vast selection of non-dairy options - and soon after met with the Berley brothers.

“We share our mothers’ entrepreneurial spirit that drive all of us today," said Ryan Berley. "It is amazing how much all of us at the table have in common and owe to our folks. We wouldn’t be here doing what we do without our parents and the values they instilled, their drive, their work ethic - everything it takes to still be standing after years in business. We especially love how P’unk Burger opened right next door to Marlo’s mother’s children’s clothing shop, and we had even heard of Marlo’s father’s diner from years ago.”

P’unk Burger will release video experts from the initial meeting of the foodie minds between the Dilks’ and Berley’s later this month on their Facebook page and Instagram feed.


Eggnog Custard - Home cooked custard made with egg yolks, yellow like the slumbering sun, infused with candied orange peel, and warmed with fresh nutmeg, and a touch of brandy. “I'm really excited about the Eggnog Custard this year because we are using real eggs and we're basically cooking it up in a small batch on the stove in the kitchen with brandy and some zested orange peel, said Eric. “We then add some freshly grated nutmeg to give it some aromatics.” P'unk Burger then adds ginger snap cookies to the final spin of the blender before serving. 

Cinnamon - Made with Sumatran Cinnamon from Red Ape; it’s non-GMO, organic, and 5% of the profits go towards helping orangutans. The Cinnamon is packed by Pearl Buck Center, an organization that provides work for those with developmental disabilities.

Peppermint Stick (Non-Dairy) - Hand-made crushed red and green peppermint candy ribbons thru snow white coconut milk based peppermint ice cream. “With the peppermint stick we actually make all of the candy in the peppermint stick at Shane's in the candy kitchen,” said Ryan. “It kind of started out that we had broken pieces of clear toy (from our Pennsylvania German hard candy) that we would smash up and put in there. But now we make it specially for the peppermint stick.”

All three flavors are available for $8.00 each with customer’s choice of whole milk, almond milk or soy milk. Ice cream at P'unk Burger is also available by the scoop upon request - and ice cream from The Franklin Fountain will be available for floats as well.

For more information visit punkburger.com, call 215-468-PUNK, tweet @punk_burger and follow P'unk Burger on Facebook.