Pala'a Latin American Seafood Opens In Ardmore With Arepas, Patacone, Ceviches, Tartares And Chupe

Ardmore Initiative is pleased to welcome the newest addition to Ardmore’s restaurant scene, Pala’a, a Latin American seafood restaurant. Cira Ferreira, Levi Hernandez, and Ivan Brcek's new BYO is located at 18 West Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore. Pala’a specializes in ceviches, tartares, chupe, arepas and patacone. Sides, housemade juices and desserts are also available. Reflecting the focus on seafood, the dining room is playfully and vibrantly decorated with graphics of azure Venezuelan beaches and brightly colored beach chairs. Order at the front counter and enjoy a cup of papelon, a refreshing lime drink, as you wait for your food. Pala'a is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every Tuesday through Sunday. 

Pala’a is owned by a family with a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and Latin American cooking. Cira is an entrepreneur who owns wellness centers in her native Venezuela. A former engineer, Levi operated a catering business and food stand in Venezuela. An experienced server, Ivan is familiar with how restaurants operate behind the scenes. Cira, Levi, and Ivan work side by side at Pala’a making it a family affair. 

"Ardmore is where I moved when I arrived in America from Venezuela seven years ago," said Ivan. "Ardmore is my home away from home in the United States - it is where I feel most comfortable and it's where I wanted our family to open our first restaurant. Ardmore has so much going on - new businesses, great people, so many stories out here! The Ardmore restaurant scene is also one of the best in the region and on the Main Line - and we wanted to be at the center of that energy."

“We are excited that Pala’a is introducing Latin American flavors to Ardmore and the greater Main Line," said Ardmore Initiative Executive Director Christine Vilardo. "Pala'a introduces arepas and patacone to the Main Line's culinary scene. Pala'a fits perfectly with Ardmore’s unique and diverse dining scene."

Pala’a seats 23 people inside with additional outdoor seating in front. Pala’a is open Tuesdays through Saturdays 9:00am to 8:30pm, and on Sundays 9:00am to 8:00pm. 

The starter menu has around two dozen menu items with appetizers ranging from $3.95 to $5.75, entrees $5.95 to $14.95, and platters $14.50 to $15.75. Sides, desserts and drinks are all under $5.00. 

Public parking can be accessed from Cricket Avenue and West Lancaster Avenue. For those ordering takeout, there are 15-minute spaces beside the construction project on Cricket Avenue.

For the full menu and questions, please call 484-413-2392 or visit Pala’a on

Parking Map


"Pala'a is one of several new restaurants and eateries we are welcoming this summer and fall - stay tuned as Ardmore's culinary scene keeps growing and growing," added Vilardo.