Dim Sum House by Jane G's Adds New Gluten-Free and Vegan Menu

Edamame Dumplings, Dim Sum House

Dim Sum House by Jane G's (3939 Walnut Street) expands its all-day dim sum and signature favorites menu with a special menu of new gluten-free and vegan options! Owner Jackson Fu has seen increased demand and requests for more and more gluten-free and vegan selections and felt a special menu was an important next step for the University City restaurant. Top vegan dishes include scallion pancakes, dan dan noodles, truffle edamame dumplings, and much more listed below. The special menu now includes over twenty gluten-free dining options, including spicy shrimp dumplings, pad thai, and mei fun.

"We wanted to make our menu even more accessible,” said owner Jackson Fu. “Across the board, in restaurants across the city, customers tastes and preferences keep evolving. All restaurants should start to think about vegan and gluten free options from the time they open. For us, we want to broaden the menu but also create a special section where our vegan and gluten free customers can pick from and feel at home. We also hope to reach diners who may not realize how many choices for them there are at Chinese restaurants.”

Pad Thai, Dim Sum House

All dishes under the vegetables section of the menu are vegan. Diners also have the ability to customize several of these new menu options - all dishes within the Familiars and the Fried Rice/Noodles section can be customized with tofu, mushrooms, or mixed vegetables. Prices for gluten-free and vegan range from $5 - $14.

New and expanded gluten-free and vegan options include:

-- Gluten-Free Dim Sum and Appetizers

* Crystal Shrimp Dumplings (4) ($7)
* Spicy Shrimp Dumplings (4) ($7)
* Tofu in Black Bean Sauce (3) ($5)
* Sticky Rice in Banana Leaf ($7)
* Beef Lover’s Quarrel (Peanut) ($9)
* Pickled Garlic Cucumber ($6)
* Ming Dynasty Shrimp (shell-on) ($9)

Beef Lovers Quarrel, Dim Sum House

-- Gluten-Free Soups

* Bok Choi Tofu ($9)
* West Lake Beef ($10)
* Hot and Sour (Contains Soy Sauce) ($9)
* Mustard Green and Flounder ($10)

Hot and Sour Soup, Dim Sum House

-- Gluten-Free Fried Rice and Noodles

* Authentic Fried Rice ($10)
* Pad Thai (Peanuts, Egg, Cilantro) ($10)
* Mei Fun ($10)
* Singapore Mei Fun ($12)

-- Gluten-Free Familiars

* Broccoli Style in Brown Sauce ($14)
* Black Bean ($14)
* Mongolian ($14)
* Cumin ($14)
* Long Hot Style ($14)
* Dry Pot Style ($14)

Dry Pot Chicken, Dim Sum House

-- Vegan

* Tofu in Black Bean Sauce ($5)
* Truffle Edamame Dumplings ($7)
* Vegetable Dumplings ($6)
* Scallion Pancakes ($)
* Pumpkin Tarts ($6)
* Vegetable Spring Roll ($5)
* Pickled Garlic Cucumber ($6)
* Tofu in Black Bean Sauce ($5)
* Cold Sesame Noodles ($8)
* Dan Dan Noodles (Peanuts) ($8)
* Bok Choi Tofu ($9)

Steamed Tofu in Black Bean Sauce, Dim Sum House

All gluten-free and vegan options are available for dine-in, take-out or delivery. Reservations are available on OpenTable, by visiting www.dimsum.house or by calling (215) 921-5377. Connect on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with user name @DimSumPhilly. Dim Sum House is also available for delivery or pick-up through Caviar.


Jane Guo and Jackson Fu opened Dim Sum House by Jane G’s at 3939 Chestnut Street in University City nearly one year ago on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. This expansive and stylish Old Shanghai inspired restaurant, bar and lounge features 6,000 square foot of space and seats over 225 people in five unique dining spaces. Three talented chefs will show off their expertise in the kitchen with a menu that focuses on two authentic styles of Chinese dim sum (Shanghai and Cantonese), plus fried rice, noodles, chef specialties and familiar Chinese favorites. At the bar, look for a full line of spirits, 19 beers, 10 signature cocktails, and wine by the glass and bottle. The restaurant is located on the second floor, with the entrance found between 39th and 40th streets on Chestnut.