Chhaya Cafe Reinvents Philly's Citywide Special with Espresso and Pourover Pairing

East Passyunk’s Chhaya Café announces a new twist to the "The Citywide" or “The Special.” In what would keep the folks at Bob and Barbara’s buzzing for days, the Chhaya Citywide features a shot of espresso and apourover of coffee for only $4.00 during weekdays after 2:00pm.

Fair trade coffees available for pourover include the choice of a Mexican Chipas, Honduras Capucas, Indian Malabar Monsoon, Guatemalan Chajulense and a rotating fifth selection. Choice of espresso includes a very traditional Italian Parioli from Caffe D'arte or a rotating guest selection.  
Chhaya’s Citywide was inspired by the inexpensive pairing of a shot of Jim Beam alongside a PBR Pounder served at dive bars around the city. The new variation is designed to be a real wake-me-up for East Passyunk’s late afternoon crowds that are only just starting to hit their peak by mid-afternoon.

“The Chhaya ‘Citywide’ gives us a chance to showcase our brewing abilities and attention to detail,” says Barista Stephen Welch. “Our afternoon patrons come in to work and talk until we close. It is a win-win as they get a nice coffee buzz while we get to practice our art.”

Descriptions of the fair trade coffees available for pourover include:

  • Mexican Chiapas: a light-roasted bean featuring a soft natural acidity paired with warm notes of nut and butter
  • Honduras Capucas: a rich medium roast full of savory oils
  • Indian Malabar Monsoon: an even bodied coffee with deep chocolate notes and hazelnut undertones
  • Guatemalan Chajulense: our darkest roast, characterized by a full body and heavy flavors of smoke and tobacco
  • A rotating fifth coffee is typically offered as a guest roaster

The new Chhaya Citywide is available immediately and will follow Chhaya from their current location at 1823 East Passyunk to their new home on 1817 East Passyunk.

For more information, call (215) 465-1000, visit, follow @chhayacafe on Twitter or like Chhaya Café on Facebook.