Celebrate Freedom to Fly During Season Opening of Fly School Circus Arts

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Fly School Circus Arts returns for the summer and fall season with two hour outdoor flying trapeze lessons at 5th and Cecil B. Moore (on the edge of Old and New Kensington). Two hour lessons for adults and children (ages six and up) will be available on weekdays and weekends, up to three times per day, now through early November. For bookings and information, visit www.flyschoolcircusarts.com, follow @flyschoolcircus on Twitter and like Fly School on Facebook. 

Grand opening weekend celebrates your "freedom to fly" on July 4 through 6, 2014, with $10 off a lesson when you use promo code: Summer_opening. On Saturday, June 5, 2014, potential students and spectators are invited to watch lessons, while enjoying cake and free snacks all day. Students and their guests are encouraged to get into the Independence Day spirit by wearing red, white and blue knee socks. 

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Fly School Circus Arts is thrilled to bring Philadelphia's only outdoor flying trapeze back to Kensington for a full summer and fall season. We want to harness the energy and excitement of our opening last year," said Fly School Circus Arts Executive Director Mary Kelly Rayel. "Flying trapeze lessons are a perfect summertime activity for those who love our city and want something unique and different to do. It is also a great time for past flyers to return and hone their skills.”

Adults and children (ages 6 and up) are invited to celebrate the empowerment, confidence and freedom found in doing the unexpected. Two hour lessons will run up to three times daily on weekdays and weekends through early November (weather permitting).  Classes are $60 for a two-hour lesson. Ten person class maximum. Book an entire class for ten for only $540. Frequent flyers can buy a class card for $295 for six classes. 

During lessons, students of various ages and abilities will soar through the air on a full-scale flying rig.  Students will learn all the techniques of this art form – including take-off from the platform, the swing, the transfer to the catcher, and the drop to the net.  Classes are open to students six years old and up. The weight limit is 250 lbs. All participants will be fully harnessed in the air. Some weather conditions may be a cause for rescheduling by the instructors. Cancellation is at the discretion of the instructors.  

 "Flying trapeze lessons encourage you to overcome challenges, fly in the face of limitations and try something you never thought possible,” said Rayel. “In our classes we constantly strive to give our students the feeling that they are rising above their own perceived limitations and others expectations. Our trained instructors provide a motivating and inspirational atmosphere where you can tap into your inner courage, sense of trust and attention to detail.”

In the coming weeks and months, Fly School Circus Arts will host special "theme" days and weekends, as well as pop-up parties, performances and special level classes. Stay tuned and get ready to go fly. For more information, visit www.flyschoolcircusarts.com, follow @flyschoolcircus on Twitter, tweet using #daringlyhigh and like Fly School Circus Arts on Facebook.